1. Let’s sing a song of loyalty
A song of grateful hearts
Let’s give our school a rousing cheer
Our Lady of Apostle
Our Alma Master she will be
Long after we depart.

chr: As dear to us as life itself
From here we’ll never part
We’ll be true, true to you
And we pledge you loyalty We’ll be true, just for you And we pledge you victory
So here’s a cheer for OLASS
Hurray, Hurray for the Blue
& White
All hail, all hail to you Our Lady School.

2. May God our Heavenly Father
Bless all our students’ days
Advance we will, progress we must Ora et Labora
Great girls and women we will be
Some day when duty calls
Chr: As dear to us as life itself, etc.


Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School (Private) Boarding house is an institution where opportunity is given for learning, to cope with life and in the future. Life in the hostel entails studying, learning to live together, recreating and praying together for the fuller development of the child. This also calls for respect for each other and kindness towards one another at all times. In order to achieve these, the following rules and regulations are lived by:


1. It is mandatory for all students to attend Mass irrespective of religious denomination.
2. The Chapel is our common ground for worship and so students must be reverent in the Chapel at all times.
3. Students must obey bells summoning them to the Chapel punctually and promptly.
4. There should be no noise in or around the Chapel.
5. Students must join in the community’s posture in the Chapel e.g. kneeling, standing etc.
6. Students are to come for prayers with the recommended prayer books.
7. Only Sacristans and authorized students are allowed into the Sacristy.
8. Catechism classes are organized for students who are getting prepared for Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.


1. Meal times are celebration times. All students must therefore be punctual at meals except they are excused for other reasons approved by the House parents or Hostel Supervisor.
2. No food/fruit must be taken out of the dining hall except to someone who is sick in the Clinic and by the Health Prefect.
3. Students should obey the bell for meals, sit down and eat only their rations with complete set of cutlery on their tables.
4. No student is allowed in the kitchen or food store except under supervision.
5. Food must be shared equally among all students and no student shall eat another student’s share of food. Any student who deprives another student of her food shall be charged for stealing. The offence has a serious disciplinary consequence.
6. The House parent and refectory prefect(s) must always supervise and ensure fair share of food to all students.
7. Students must actively take part in the up-keep of the refectory hall and utensils if assigned.
8. Should there be any cause for complaints on food; the prefect should notify the Vice-Principal, House Supervisor and House parents politely and promptly. Wild demonstrations or hooliganism shall be decisively dealt with.
9. On no ground should any student treat any of the kitchen staff with discourtesy or violence. Defaulters shall be made to face the music.
10. There should be no talking or roaming about during meals unless permission is so given.
11. Students are not to be wasteful with food. They should collect only what they can eat and leave the rest for those who may need more.